Reynolds Machinery unveils money-saving cobot on showroom floor

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Reynolds Machinery unveils money-saving cobot on showroom floor

Manufacturers can now see some of the best new technology for low-volume, automated production in action at Reynolds Machinery.

Reynolds Machinery recently added a Universal Robots brand collaborative robot, also known as a cobot, attached to a Samsung lathe for customers to watch in operation on its showroom floor. When used on CNC machine tools in the right situations, the cobot allows manufacturers to tackle talent shortfalls and productivity issues while providing a rapid return on investment.

Cobots are  good for those who want to run one shift with an operator, and then have the operator set up the machine to run automatically for any number of hours after leaving.

“This is designed for the company that has a lot of different parts, not the company that is going to run the same part number for two or three years,” said Scott Mays, President of Reynolds Machinery. “Cobots are for the world of high-mix, low-volume parts.”

Reynolds Machinery is selling all three UR models of cobots, which are compatible with any CNC machine tool.

“It can really talk with any machine,” said Parker Mays, outside sales representative for Reynolds Machinery. “And it doesn’t have to be our brand; it can be someone else’s brand.”

Cobots provide the benefits of advanced robotic automation with none of the extra associated costs, such as extensive programming, setup or dedicated work cells needed for typical automation. They purposely run slower, so there are no requirements for automatic doors or fencing.

That means you can pull  a cobot up to a machine and run it over a few days or weeks, then move it somewhere else on the shop floor with ease. As a result, a cobot makes robotic automation affordable for small-batch production runs and other setups where it would otherwise be too expensive.

The ROI on cobots varies, but is much quicker than the typical machine tool.

Contact your Reynolds Machinery representative to schedule a showroom demonstration or for more details.