Reynolds Machinery Donates $1300

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Reynolds Machinery Donates $1300

On Tuesday December 12th, Reynolds Machinery presented a check to Pirate Robotics at West Carrollton High School. The donation of $1,385 will help the high school robotics league pay for equipment and travel expenses. The money was raised during an open house at Reynolds Machinery in October. Reynolds Machinery is a distributor of world-class CNC machines and has been a part of the Dayton region since 1938.


Steve Mays, Vice President and General Manager of Reynolds Machinery, presented the check to Pirate Robotics. A West Carrollton alumnus, he said he sees it as an investment in the students’ futures and the community at large.


“This affords the students an exposure to engineering. If it also helps with developing the workforce, then this will be a worthwhile investment.” Watching the students participate in the design process was very gratifying. “It makes me very happy to see these kids working on the whiteboard, figuring out the math, and not seeing them with their phones in hand.”  


Michael Neal, Head coach of the robotics league is a math, science, and engineering teacher at West Carrollton High School.


“During the day in their classes they are learning basic skills. Here, they are putting those skills into practical application.” When asked what the future holds for his league, he is excited for the team to showcase their talents at the Southwest Ohio’s eighth annual FIRST Robotics Competition taking place Feb. 28-March 3 at the Wright State University Nutter Center.; Feb. 28th – March 3rd. “Not only do they compete with leagues from all over, they are engaging other students in their element.”


Another skill that gets developed for the students goes beyond designing and building the robot for competition. Mason Jones heads the marketing side of Pirate Robotics. “My role is raising money to make sure the team has enough to purchase equipment and for travel expenses, so this donation makes my job a little easier. The team is very grateful for this!”


He also plays a role in ensuring the future of Pirate Robotics. “We helped start the Lego Robotics league at the middle school. That way, we’ll have a group of students ready to join our league when they come to High School.” Watching the team succeed during the last competition was the most satisfying thing about being involved in Pirate Robotics for Colton Burchett, a sophomore at West Carrollton High School. “It can be stressful getting everything put together in the allotted amount of time, but once you accomplish that goal the hard work is worth it.”