Vertical Machining Centers

Kitamura’s vertical machining centers offer rigid construction and ultra-high precision to provide immense value to your business. Optimize uptime with a multi-tasking machining environment thanks to high-speed spindles and optional factory-installed pallet changers that increase spindle utilization. Producing extreme tolerance work, these machines can expand your service offerings and enter new markets.
kitamura 3020G



  • Mycenter-3020G, 15k “Sparkchanger”
  • Mycenter-3020G, 15k
  • Mycenter-3020G, 20k “Sparkchanger”
  • Mycenter-3020G, 20k



  • Mycenter-2XD “Sparkchanger”
  • Mycenter-3XD
  • Mycenter-4XiD

5-Axis Machining Centers

With vertical or horizontal orientation, Kitamura’s 5-axis machining solutions allow you to machine all of your most complex multi-sided parts in one place. Easy to set up and program, their Trunnion table design increases accuracy and rigidity while allowing operation closer to the spindle. Gain a competitive edge with the added flexibility of either 4+1 or full simultaneous control.
Kitamura Supercell_400G



  • Supercell-300G
  • Supercell-400G
Kitamura Mycenter 3XT



  • Mycenter-3XT



  • Mytrunnion-4G
  • Mytrunnion-5G
  • Mytrunnion-7G
Kitamura Mytrunnion 4G
Kitamura MedCenter 5AX



  • MedCenter5AX

Horizontal Machining Centers

Kitamura’s horizontal machining centers are widely regarded for their uncompromising dependability. Featuring solid Meehanite cast construction and extra-large work envelopes, these machines are built for extended tool life and capacity. Patented twin ballscrew and dual feedback technology offer 2,362ipm rapid rates on solid boxways. Combined with the sheer power of Kitamura’s geared head spindles, these machines will undoubtedly leave an impression.
Kitamura HX500iG



  • Mycenter-HX250iG Ultra Compact
  • Mycenter-HX630G/800
  • Mycenter-HX300iG/400
  • Mycenter-HX800G/1000 Heavy Duty
  • Mycenter-HX400iG/500
  • Mycenter-HX1000G Heavy Duty
  • Mycenter-HX500iG/630 #40
  • Mycenter-HX500iG/630 #50

Double Column Machining Centers

Looking to support heavier table loads? Kitamura’s Bridgecenter line features a patented double column bridge-type design to accommodate extreme cutting capacity. Solid box way construction, high speed/high torque spindle options, spacious work envelopes and tapered spindle configurations allow this machine to provide high levels of accuracy in roughing and finishing large cavities and cores.

Kitamura Bridgecenter 12G



  • Kitamura Bridgecenter-6G#40
  • Kitamura Bridgecenter-6G#50
  • Kitamura Bridgecenter-8G#50
  • Kitamura Bridgecenter-10G
  • Kitamura Bridgecenter-12G

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