Machining Centers

High-Speed (HSi)


  • VMX24HSi
  • VMX30HSi
  • VMX30UHSi
  • VMX42HSi
  • VMX42UHSi
  • VMX60HSi


The Hurco HSi Series features the premium components and specifications from the VMX series. Combine that with our sleek design features and our 40 years of experience, the HS series is built to be efficient and to manage thermal issues common with high-speed machining. These machines were made to last and Hurco is the only CNC machining center to integrate the dual-screen control console.

Performance (VMX)


  • VMX24i
  • VMX30i
  • VMX42i
  • VMX50i
  • VMX50i-50t
  • VMX64i
  • VMX64i-50t
  • VMX6030i
  • VMX6030i-50t
  • VMX84i
  • VMX84i-50t


Efficiency and accuracy are what drive Hurco and their VMX series. Using ceramic hybrid bearings in all of their VMX spindles allows them to run at much lower temperatures. That means a longer lifespan and a much lower rate of failure. The lifetime grease ensures a maintenance free lubrication system. With the Best-in Class chip management system and the large tool capacity, the VMX series make for a CNC machine that will make the difference for your company.

General Purpose (VM)

  • VM5i
  • VM10i
  • VM20i
  • VM30i
  • VM10HSi

Space conservation and high capacity output rarely go hand in hand, but the VM series of 3-axis machining centers offer you the best of both worlds. It’s smaller size doesn’t sacrifice ease of use, as the single screen monitor permits DXF transfer, an AutoCalc option, and Concurrent Programming to set up the next project while the current project continues building without interruption.


  • VTXZ

The Hurco Zone makes large projects or set-up for multiple projects easier to finish. This versatile machine provides you the option to do large jobs or sets up one job while the other zone completes the other project. Flexible manufacturing practices are supported by the VTXZ design and the 40-tool swing-arm ATC moves along as the column travels which makes more space for quick tool changes.

Double Column (DCX)

  • DCX22-40T
  • DCX22i-50T
  • DCX32i
  • DCX32-5Si
  • DCX42i

The aerospace and energy fields are in need of big parts. The engineers at Hurco determined a double column design was the best option in that it would serve the dual purpose of providing thermal stability and still support excellent dynamic behavior. With the large capacity table, you can machine nearly any size part. The prominent features remain with dual screen control, DXF transfer, Concurrent Programming, and more.

5-Axis Machining Centers

Trunnion Tables (U-Series)

  • VM10Ui
  • VM10UHSi
  • VMX30Ui
  • VMX30UHSi
  • VMX42Ui
  • VMX60Ui
  • VTXUi

Looking to transfer from a 3-axis to a 5-axis, but aren’t interested in spending too much time on training? The U-series has an integrated trunnion table that allows to still machine in a linear fashion, but with the ability to machine more sides. More Z clearance, seamless integration with pneumatic and\or hydraulic fixtures, ToolPath Linearization, and many more exciting features are available with the U-Series.

Swivel Head (SR)

  • VMX42HSRTi
  • VMX42SRTi
  • VMX60HSRTi
  • VMX42SWi
  • VMX60SWi
  • VMX84SWi

In the realm of 5-axis CNC mills, the SR series is unmatched in productivity, versatility, and machining heavier parts. The SR series of tables are made with unlimited and continuous rotation, which means less unwind time at regular intervals. Maximizing productivity and profitability is their most important focus and their innovations in chip control and tool access for swept surface and complex contours put them at the forefront of their field.

Horizontal Machining Centers

Horizontal Machining Centers (HMX)

  • HMX400i
  • HMX500i
  • HMX500i-50t
  • HMX630i

The HMX is a machine that does twice the job at half the price of its competitors. The horizontal design allows chips to fall naturally and the traveling column allows for speed and precision.

Boring Mills

Boring Mill (HBMX)

  • HBMX55i
  • HBMX80i
  • HBMX95-5i

Want to keep your footprint down while maintaining a large work envelope? Nothing is sacrificed with Hurco’s Horizontal Boring Mill. The HBMX55i comes with all the features you desire without needing to add them as your options. The geared head spindle has two speeds with a 4.33-inch diameter quill.

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