Surface Grinders


  • Linear B Series
  • ACC-6 • 18 DX Series
  • ACC-DX Series
  • ACC-SA Series
  • ACC-8 • 18NC
  • ACC-DXNC Series
  • ACC-DX Series
  • ACC-EX Series
  • ACC-CA Series
  • ACC-DXNC Series
  • ACC-CHiQ Series
  • ACC-CHNC Series
  • DCG Series
  • PRG-DX Series
  • PRG-DXNC Series


Okamoto Surface Grinders can be found all over the world in most machine shops. That isn’t by coincidence. Their reputation in surface grinders is renowned as the best. Whether it be manual to automatic grinders, you’re likely to find the same features. Rigid design, superior construction, and an easy operation are some of the many descriptors you’ll hear and see from their grinders.

Internal Grinders


  • IGM-2MB
  • IGM-15NCIII/2


Okamoto internal grinders are set for easy to learn set-up of grinding processes. Along with it’s large bank of program storage capacity, this is a perfect machine for production purposes. Okamoto understands the need for high volume machines that won’t take up too much time, and have delivered these machines in response.

Cylindrical Grinders


  • OGM-8 • 20UDX
  • OGM-III Series
  • OGM-NCIII Series


While creating the Cylindrical Grinders, Okamoto had ease of use and smart design in mind. It certainly shows and doesn’t yield there. The easy to program Fanuc MDI touch screen controls are one of the many features that make this a sensible purchase for your grinding needs.

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