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Dice Game

Samsung SL15E


Samsung has created a line of turning centers designed with advanced technology for various machining needs. Whether it’s high volume or heavy duty, these lathes come equipped with standard features that will increase your productivity while decreasing your idle time. Most lathes are fitted with a 25 to 50 hp motor and options to save you even more time. Samsung is a leader in machining technology. See what they have in store for you today.



Hurco VM5i


Space conservation and high capacity output rarely go hand in hand, but the VM series of 3-axis machining centers offer you the best of both worlds. It’s smaller size doesn’t sacrifice ease of use, as the single screen monitor permits DXF transfer, an AutoCalc option, and Concurrent Programming to set up the next project while the current project continues building without interruption.


Roll for Reynolds logos and win a prize

Prizes for every roll.
1 roll per customer.
Win a different prize for the number of logos you roll.
In event of multiple grand prize winners, a tiebreaker will take place.


Roll 4 Logos – Kitchen Aid Mixer.
Roll 5 Logos – Win a Samsung TV.
Roll 6 Logos – Win a machine.