Profile & Bar Machining


When you purchase a machining center from CHIRON, producing ready-to-install workpieces from profiles becomes easier than ever. Their multi-functional tools allow you to mill, drill, turn, ream, thread-cut, and saw all within a minimum area. Large or small batches can be completed efficiently without sacrificing quality. Expect amazing results with lower unit costs infeed and outfeed of profiles up to 11 m in length.



CHIRON 5-axis machining center creates the grooves, pockets, fittings, geometries, and even shiny surfaces. The dependable 5-axis machine tools with five simultaneously driven axes cut non-productivity down to a minimum. With fast rapid feeds in X/Y/Z and the highest precision in positioning, the sure bet is CHIRON 5-axis machining center.



Want to maximize your productivity and reduce cost by 40%? The CHIRON 2-spindle machine combined with fine-tuned, high performance tools can greatly decrease production time per workpiece. It’s simple: more spindles equal more machine availability which leads to higher efficiency. We strive to deliver faster machining and short floor-to-floor times and with multi-spindle machining, we can help your productivity soar.

Long Bed & Dual Zone


Large projects can be completed faster with less down time. CHIRON has an easy to use interface and with their large x-axis traverse paths, your productivity increases and your idle time dwindles to a minimum. Pendulum mode is perfect for long-bed production and can be divded into multiple set-ups. Split your work area in two with the central splash guard and load or unload during machining.

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