3D Printing

Finally. 3D printers that make real parts.


Print Plastic parts reinforced with carbon fiber as strong as 6061 Aluminum


Print complex, tough or impossible-to-machine, metal parts in hours; Materials ranging from stainless steels, tool steels, Inconel, and pure copper

See how real customers are using Markforged in manufacturing

Lean Machine CNC turned to both metal and carbon fiber 3D printing to transform its manufacturing operations. In this video, we interview several Markforged users within the organization, and ask them how it’s made things more efficient.

Global window and door hardware manufacturer Caldwell Manufacturing uses their metal and carbon fiber 3D printers for both R&D and in-house tooling. With a Metal X and several carbon fiber 3D printers, Caldwell has reduced turnover and increased profits with their Markforged 3D printers.

CNC Mill Tooling

CNC Mill Tooling

Summary: Guhring Tool Company manufactures custom CNC tooling for a wide range of industries. The conventional manufacturing process involves brazing They utilize the Markforged Metal-X to now print custom tools with integrated coolant channels and geometries to perfectly match the customer requirements.

Results: 70% Faster speed to market for their customers, much lower cost, and up to 60% weight reduction.

Print Alignment Jig

Print Alignment Jig

Summary: Multi-stage silk screening processes require that each screen is precisely aligned during product change-over. An accurate jig to speed up this process would cost a significant amount of money to produce conventionally.

Results: 87% lower cost, lowered lead time from weeks to days, and now are able to quickly adapt their manufacturing process to reduce time-to-market for their products.

Custom Assembly Tooling

Custom Assembly Tooling

Summary: In an effort to streamline manufacturing, Prometheus Lights needed a way to quickly automate a tedious task. They were able to quickly fabricate a complete assembly utilizing Markforged continuous fiber reinforced composites which provided the strength and accuracy they needed – all at a very low cost.

Results: 85% faster lead time, 77% cost reduction, and easily modified for additional products.

Brazing Fixture

Brazing Fixture

Summary: Nichirin uses custom brazing fixtures which typically cost $800 and have a lead time of 2-4 weeks. Furthermore, some of these fixtures were made up of an assembly of 4 parts. All of these fixtures are used in relatively low volumes so machine & tooling setup was inefficient.

Results: 78% faster lead time, 50% cost reduction, and extended fixture life by 300%! Now looking at printing in Inconel 625 to further increase fixture life.

CNC Mill Tooling

Laser Welding Fixture

Summary: Machining complex laser welding fixtures was proving to be a lengthy and expensive process. In addition, the steel fixtures were heaving which limited the welding cycle time of the parts, limiting overall production throughput.

Results: Increase production throughput by lowering fixture weight by 82% and dramatically reducing fixture production cost and lead time. Continuous fiber composites provided necessary strength and dimensional stability for welding process.

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